Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: I always seem to hire the wrong individuals. I place hope or trust in people to do what they say they will do and, in the end, I am disappointed, having wasted time and money training them. The work and stress continue to pile up. How would you help with this?

Solution: The Woven Legal team has helped hundreds of leaders secure support staff to make our clients shine. The key is allowing us to understand you, your needs, strengths, and even weaknesses (everyone has them!) so we can match you with your very best paralegal, legal assistant, intake specialist, firm manager, or Associate attorney. Woven Legal’s Relationship Managers then spearhead focused training and onboarding to avoid molehills becoming mountains and coaching for best performance, longevity, and maximum ROI.

Problem: Managing my staff or vendors is a full-time job and takes me away from the critical legal work that I do. How can Woven Legal help with this challenge?

Solution: The Woven Legal Team has years of experience managing law firm and employee or contractor relationships. Practically, they would meet each member of your team as a third-party advocate and virtual firm office manager to help understand everyone’s challenges and opportunities for improvement. The “little things” that they come to you about are taken off your plate and loaded onto ours. Instead of everyone looking to you for solutions, you will have a POC that handles everything from updating inefficient processes to getting the non-working phone fixed.

Problem: Turnover is an issue and something I hate having to deal with.

Solution: We understand. The Woven Legal team often receives calls from new clients weary of staff turnover. Rest assured, we can usually help. Woven Legal is experienced and successful in identifying the best people to serve attorneys and law firms nationwide. Then we stay connected, coaching for best practices as needed to ensure our clients remain delighted with the candidates and results.

Problem: Staffing a full-time Paralegal is expensive, and I only need someone for about 20 hours per week. Can you locate a qualified and experienced fractional paralegal for me?

Solution: Absolutely. We have years of experience vetting for in-house or remote workforces and know the value for our clients of only staffing for what is needed. You feel supported by your (paralegal, legal assistant, intake specialist) who has your best interest in mind and doesn’t cost you as a direct employee would. We source humble, hungry, and smart professionals as part-time, full-time, in-house or virtual, contract or employee staff. We get the right people in place to support your needs. Their location and bandwidth are up to you.

Problem: My paralegal is going to need access to privileged and confidential information. What’s the best way to set this up?

Solution: This depends a lot on the practice, the size of the practice, and the lawyers and clients involved. Below are some thoughts to get the conversation started and we can work with IT and help you craft a solution that fits your firm.

Some firms elect to give their contractors computers with their software pre-loaded. Whether you can give a contractor a laptop depends on your jurisdiction. The employee vs. contractor test varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction (and even from government agency to government agency). In some areas, where you have a balance of the factors test and a contractor working on confidential information, you can give them laptops as long as they pass the other tests. In a stricter state, that’s not going to fly, and they have to provide their own equipment. We prefer to comply with the more stringent tests as that’s the direction we think our federal laws are heading.  

If you elect not to give your contractor a computer, there are a few ways to handle security to address your IT concerns, depending on your current setup. Some firms have extensive private cloud services with full-time monitoring, but many Woven Legal clients are not in that phase of growth. Instead, they have to use several methods to address IT and security concerns. There are pros/cons to each approach.

One, for example, would be to set up a remote computer that the contractor accesses via a VPN. This gives your contractor complete access to whatever they need on their device and gives you complete control to cut things off if needed. The downside to this approach is that it’s generally slower and isn’t going to be a great work platform for your contractor. 

Another option would be to install some remote security monitoring software on their computer that would allow you to take control and delete your files as needed (what IT would do on a company laptop). The contractor would have to consent to this, of course, and it could be invasive of their privacy when they’re doing work for other clients.

Most team versions of professional software include a remote wipe feature that would allow you to wipe all files related to your firm when the computer connects to the internet. We would couple this with a policy of removing access and initiating a wipe before informing someone they are being let go.

A stolen laptop, regardless of who owns it, will give you the same issues. As long as it’s offline, any data on it is there. Even if you issue your contractor an office laptop, it can’t be remotely wiped until it accesses the internet and gets the command to do so.

Issuing a company laptop with monitoring software would address the issue of a contractor taking a file from a shared cloud drive. Obviously, on a personal laptop, wiping that drive does not wipe any files that may have been copied off of it onto a personal drive. But unless your company laptop is so locked down they almost can’t work, they’d have other ways to transfer files from your computer onto their own. This is where trust, personnel management, and good contracts step in.

Another security issue is to keep antivirus and backup software up to date and running. You could install company monitoring software. Even though you don’t have access to the contractor’s computer specifically, you know that virus protection is running, the software is up to date, and regular backups are happening. We have a couple of firms that provide this to their contractors, along with security training and testing.

In our experience, your data protection comes from a smart balance of technical protections, procedural protections, and good employee management. And when it’s not perfect, then there are backups and consequences to address any problems created. 

Law Firm Staffing

Virtual, in person, and hybrid paralegals, legal intake, legal assistants, firm managers, and more to support small and growing law firms.

Patti and Tricia have been a huge help. Patti makes sure nothing in my firm falls through the cracks and Tricia helps draft documents so I can focus on higher-value projects.

Geoffrey Chambers, CPERL Group

Frequently asked questions about Administrative Support

Problem: My office’s software doesn’t sync up! It’s so frustrating having to enter client information numerous times. We end up with incomplete information when it comes time to meet with clients. Every program claims to be compatible, but to connect them would probably require hours interacting with customer support or watching training videos. I am simply too busy. This problem is time-consuming and rather embarrassing. How can Woven Legal help?

Solution: You had us at “software!” We love technology. After all, it has been the backbone of allowing our team to work virtually for the last 5+ years. We’ve already invested the time into watching the videos and speaking with customer service so our clients won’t have to. From Asana to Zapier, from Clio to Filevine to MyCase, Fastcase, RocketMatter, ElderCounsel/WealthCounsel, Relativity, and many more, we can help connect tools and devices so you can function as a modern law firm should.

Question: Is Woven Legal Different from a Law Firm Management Consultant?

“Consulting is the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people.”

Consultants provide advice. Woven Legal does so. much. more.

Woven Legal partners with our clients to execute and implement solutions, manage technology, recruit and staff experienced personnel, even help create marketing strategies. Sometimes these solutions are guided by outside consultants; sometimes, they are crafted based on the unique goals and plans of the firm’s attorneys.

Leave the business of law to us! Founded by an experienced attorney and practice manager and a business professional – both with years of expertise promoting attorneys and their businesses with staffing solutions, brand awareness, and creative marketing strategies – we help drive growth for law firms’ market share.

Areas of expertise include solutions management, lean methodology, best practices implementation for various management systems (including EOS, lean startup, and many others), implementing processes and managing CRM/Case Management databases, professional coaching for key personnel, and other complete customizable support solutions.

Administrative Support

Customized firm administration and support from technical assistance to personnel management. We take on the administrative overhead so you can practice law.

As a modern law firm, I wanted to run my office and staff virtually. However, after I hired several remote contractors for various projects from marketing and book keeping to paralegal work and vendor relations, I quickly became the hub for all of these workers. I needed a central operation manager to help with all of it. That’s where Woven Legal stepped in as a one-stop shop to handle all of these needs. Every time a new projects comes up, I contact Caroline and she identifies the right fit person on her team to work on the project.

Galvin Kennedy, The Kennedy Law Firm

Frequently asked questions about Woven Legal

Woven Legal Core Values

Woven Legal believes in:

  • Taking care of people, including our staff, contractors, clients, and client teams. People are trusted to act as the professionals they are so they can do their best work and supported by providing time, trust, authority, administrative support, compensation, mutual respect, and appreciation.
  • Creating an environment where our team members and clients can reach their goals and providing authentic coaching and good judgment.